East African Court of Justice, Arusha, Tanzania 20th March 2024: The President of the East African Court Justice Nestor Kayobera, received students from the United States International University (USIU)- Africa, who are on a study visit of the Regional Court.

In his welcoming remarks, Hon. Justice Nestor Kayobera, applauded the students for their keen interest in the Court, which was established as the judicial arm of the Community. As a people centered and market driven Community, the President said that the Court essentially belongs to East Africans and as upcoming legal practitioners, their understanding of the Court’s mandate, structure, jurisdiction and jurisprudence is key. He also encouraged them to take up Internship opportunities at the Court as such opportunities give them a good head start in the legal profession.

While concluding his remarks, the President encouraged the students to familiarize themselves with various judicial issues including the functioning of other regional courts in the Continent and beyond as this will give them a better grasp of the role of different courts in dispensing justice at the regional and international level.

The student delegation from USUI was led by Ms. Terry Odhiambo the Patron of the school’s Criminal Justice Club who in her remarks noted the University’s commitment to producing some of the best graduates in the region. “Our university, USIU-Africa, is deeply committed to one of its core mission outcomes—promoting career preparedness among our students. This visit embodies that mission, offering our students a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application within the criminal justice field, thereby enriching their academic and professional journey in criminal justice. The club being student-led, underscores our belief in fostering leadership, initiative, and a hands-on approach to learning, principles that guide our students in organizing and engaging in such insightful experiences” stated Ms. Odhiambo

Ms. Odhiambo concluded by thanking the Court for its kind gesture of accepting the students to undertake their study visit at the Court, as it marks an invaluable learning experience which cements the bridge between academic pursuit and real-life experience in the pursuit of justice and legal excellence.

Ms. Stacie Mwangi, the Chairperson of the Criminal Justice Club at USIU-Africa, the Club delights in its proven efforts to present a practical learning platform for its members through visiting related organizations and participating in related conferences, which has enabled the student members witness first-hand how courts like the EACJ undertake their mandate in dispensing justice.

The student through the visit had the opportunity to learn to visit the Court premises and also through a detailed presentation made by the Court on the mandate, jurisdiction, achievements and challenges of the Court.

Also in attendance were the Deputy Registrar Ms. Christine Mutimura, Mr. Ferdinand Ntakintije the Court Administrator and other staff of the Court.

About the EACJ

The East African Court of Justice (EACJ or ‘the Court’), is one of the Organs of the East African Community established under Article 9 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community. The Court was established in November 2001, its key mandate is to ensure the adherence to law in the interpretation and application of and compliance with the EAC Treaty. Arusha is the temporary seat of the Court until the Summit determines its permanent seat. The Court’s sub-registries are located in the capitals of the following Partner States: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and United Republic of Tanzania.

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