Information Communication Technology Services

The EACJ vision is to be “a world class Court dispensing quality justice for a united, prosperous community”. For the vision of the Court to be a reality, EACJ embarked on an ambitious journey to use ICT in the administration of justice. This has been done by implementing two major ICT systems such as:

  • Case Management System to digitize Court’s processes related to filing of cases: this system allows litigants and/or their advocates to file cases electronically without physical travel to Main Registries in Arusha.
  • The system can now be accessed at all EACJ sub-registries located in the five citiesnamely: Bujumbura, Dar-es-salaam, Kigali, Kampala and Nairobi.

  • Court room technology used in audio and visual recording of Court’s sessions: this system allows EACJ to record all Court’s sessions and the recordings can be availed to the Court’s stakeholders on demand to the Registrar.
  • Livestream – EACJ also able to livestream cases on the Internet, on their website for EACJ stakeholders to follow Court’s proceedings online.
In the near future, litigants and/or their advocates will be able to file their cases on their own, in the comfort of their homes and/or offices.

Also, the Court is planning to setup a videoconferencing facility in all the partner states to be able to hold some Court’s sessions online.

All these huge investments in technology are done in order to make the Court easily accessible to its users.