Resource Centre Rules

These Rules are designed to safeguard the interests of Resource Centre Visitors and Users and to assist the Resource Centre Staff (Staff) offer seamless services.
The Rules apply to all Visitors and Users and will be enforced by members of Staff.
Users are required to present an identity document to staff before accessing the Centre

Users are welcome to use personal Laptops to search the EAC Catalogue and EACJ’s case law.
1. Use of Library Materials
  • Users shall be responsible for all Resource Centre materials in their care and are required to replace them or to pay for any damage to or loss of such materials.
  • It is strictly prohibited to mark, mutilate or annotate all materials in any way.
  • Materials shall be read within the Resource Centre. However, any temporary removal of the material from the Resource Centre must be recorded in advance.
  • After use, books and other reading materials must be placed on the trolley near the office or left on the table for re-shelving.
  • Users are not allowed to shelve the books back.
  • Users must observe copyright laws and regulations in respect of all materials.
  • Photocopying for internal users (EACJ, EAC staff) is free of charge. For external users photocopies are payable at the established rate.
2. Borrowing
  • Materials may be borrowed only by internal and authorized users. The loan of any item must first be authorized and recorded by a member of Staff.
  • Being a specialized reference Resource Centre, Materials borrowed maybe recalled at any time if required for short consultation or photocopying.
  • No User may borrow more than 5 Materials at a time. The loan period is as follows:
     Books – Two Weeks
     Periodicals and small publications – three days
  • Borrowers may not lend borrowed Materials to third persons
  • Borrowed Materials are the responsibility of the borrower.
  • Borrowers must inform Staff of any relevant changes in their contact information.
  • Reference Materials may not be borrowed out.
  • The Resource Centre will not engage in inter-library loans until such a time when the collection is large enough. It will however seek to obtain Materials for its users from other libraries.
3. Behaviour in the Resource Center

The Resource Centre is a place for study. Visitor and Users’ behaviour should reflect this fact and respect the needs of others. In this regard:

  • All Visitors and Users must leave their luggage, bags and briefcases at the Resource Centre entrance.
  • Visitors and Users may be requested to display the contents of their luggage, bags and briefcases by Staff at any time.
  • Visitors and Users must observe silence and consultations and discussions are prohibited.
  • Smoking, consumption of food and drinks on the premises is prohibited.
  • Personal possessions should not be left unattended and Resource Centre accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damage to personal property.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or muted and may not be used anywhere within the premises.
  • A high standard of courtesy is expected from Visitors and Users.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday : 8:30 – 13:00 &
                           14:30 – 17:00

Saturday & Sundays : closed
EAC Public Holidays : closed

Staff may allow Visitors and Users outside these hours exceptionally, on an individual basis.