Establishment of the East African Court of Justice

The East African Court of Justice (EACJ or ‘the Court’), is one of the organs of the East African Community established under Article 9 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community. Established in November 2001, the Court’s major responsibility is to ensure the adherence to law in the interpretation and application of and compliance with the EAC Treaty.

Arusha is the temporary seat of the Court until the Summit determines its permanent seat. The Court’s sub-registries are located in the respective National Courts in the Partner States.


The Judges of the Court are appointed by the EAC Summit of the Heads of State or Government from among persons of proven integrity, impartiality and independence holding high judicial office, or jurists of recognised competence, upon the recommendation of the Partner States.

Currently, there are eleven judges serving in both the First Instance Division, which is headed by a Principal Judge and an Appellate Division who work is directed by the President.

The Summit designates the President of the Court form among Judges of the Appellate Division on a rotational basis. The President heads the Court and presides over its sessions.
The Vice President, Principal Judge and Deputy Principal Judge are similarly designated by the Summit on a rotational basis. The Judges so appointed shall not be nationals of the same Partner State.

All Judges except the President and Principal Judge serve on an ad hoc basis and they hold office for a maximum period of seven years or upon attaining seventy years. The current Judges of the Court is as follows:

Appellate Division

  • Hon. Justice Nestor Kayobera: Judge President
  • Hon. Lady Justice Sauda Mjasiri: Vice-President of the Court
  • Hon. Lady Justice Anita Mugeni
  • Hon. Justice M’Inoti Kathurima
  • Hon. Justice Cheborion Barishaki

First Instance Division

  • Hon. Justice Yohane B. Masara: Principal Judge
  • Hon. Justice Dr Charles Oyo Nyawello: Deputy Principal Judge
  • Hon. Justice Charles Oyako Nyachae
  • Hon. Justice Richard W. Wejuli
  • Hon. Justice Richard Muhumuza
  • Hon. Justice Dr. Leonard Gacuko

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The Court has jurisdiction over the interpretation and application of the Treaty. It also provides: Advisory Opinions; Preliminary Rulings to National Courts; and Arbitral awards if contracts and agreements confer jurisdiction

Rules of Procedure

The work of the Court is guided by rules including: Rules of Procedure, Arbitration Rules and Guidelines on Preliminary Rulings.


The Registrars is a judicial officer responsible for the day to day administration of the business of the Court and oversight over other staff of the Court.

Official Language

The official language of the Court is English.

Seat of the Court

East African Court of Justice, EAC Headquarters, 2nd Floor

The current Seat of the Court is in Arusha in the United Republic of Tanzania, until such time as the Summit determines.