The East African Court of Justice (EACJ), 17th February 2023, received Students from Strathmore Law School who visited to learn on the regional Court.

Welcoming the Students The President of the Court His Lordship, Justice Nestor Kayobera applauded Strathmore University for Organizing the Lecture which will make a positive impact in the Students’ studies.

His Lordship Justice M’Inoti Kathurima a Judge of the Appellate Division made a detailed presentation on behalf of the Court. He informed the Students about the Composition of the Court,  appointment process of the Judges, jurisdiction of the Court, the Seat of the Court, the rotational sittings in EAC Partner States among others.

Justice Kathurima also told the students that the Court has exercised its Human Rights jurisdiction and that several cases on human rights violations have been determined by the Court.

He highlighted on a number of  cases that have developed the jurisprudence of the Court which cut across the Customs Union and Common Market and  Protocols, Cross Border Trade, Election Petitions, environmental disputes and extra.

His Lordship also discussed on the challenges that affect the work of the Court especially the Limited days for conducting sessions. The Court sits amonth every quarter which are not sufficient and he said that this has caused a back log of cases and that some matters have been dismissed because of being overtaken by events.

Justice Kathurima also mentioned the financial challenge due to budget cuts by the Partner States which affects the activities of the Court.

On behalf of Strathmore Law School Dr. Jane Wathuta, the Associate Dean thanked the EACJ for the warm welcome and informed the Court about the Law School operations.

 She added that last year the School celebrated 10 years and that the School also launched a Doctorate program that is LLD.

Dr. Wathuta further told the Court that the School always organizes International Trips such as a trip to the Hague to pay visits to the International Courts.

She said this has impacted alot to enhance the Students learning and also building value to service society as one of the School’s pillars.

The School representative  proposed, that a form of  collaboration with Law Schools be formed and the proposal was embraced by the Court. Dr Wathuta was also accompanied by a team of School Staff.

The Honorable Principal Judge, Justice Yohane Masara encouraged the Students to study the Regional Integration Law course as future Judges and Lawyers who will appear before this Court, therefore there is need to understand regional integration issues.

In attendance also were other Judges of the Appellate Division, Deputy Registrar and Staff of the Court.

The Students also had an opportunity to tour the Court Library and the Registries to learn about the procedure of filing cases to Court.

Also attended a hearing session in Appeal No.11 of 2022 Yu Sung Construction Ltd versus The Attorney General of the Republic of South Sudan, a case that is challenging a decision of the First Instance Division setting aside the Consent Order by the Parties over payment of the alleged Construction of the Military Academy of South Sudan. During Session the Appellant was represented by Counsels PLO Lumumba, Justin Semuyaba and others while the Respondent (The Attorney General of South Sudan) was represented by Counsel Elijah Mwangi. Mr. Kuol M.Kuol Legal Counsel Ministry of Justice was also present in Court.