East African Court of Justice, Arusha, Tanzania 16th February 2024: The EACJ President together with Justice Omar Othman Makungu and the Deputy Registrar received Integration Law Students from the Strathmore University Law School.

Speaking to the students, Hon. Nestor Kayobera the Judge President of the East African Court of Justice, welcomed them to the EACJ and expressed his hope that the visit will inspire the students to pursue practicing as regional integration lawyers. The president underscored that the EAC Integration process needs specialized experts, especially in the legal profession, who are knowledgeable on the issues of Integration and the Community Law. In addition, he said that with the Community being people centered and market driven, this has strengthened the EAC Integration process, and created opportunity for Legal Practitioners to ensure that integration is beneficial to all East Africans.

Justice Kayobera in his remarks also discussed the Court’s growing jurisprudence particularly those that continue to facilitate access to justice for all East Africans. He appreciated the role of the various stake holders including the Partner States, Civil Society, Law Societies and Institutions of Higher Education.

The Deputy Registrar Ms. Christine Mutimura, called upon the students to develop more interest in reading and familiarizing themselves with the decisions of the Court which will equip them with the necessary knowledge as students of Regional Integration and potential Lawyers who may someday appear before the East African Court of Justice.

The students were accompanied by Faculty Members, led by Mr. Mashael Wambua who briefed the President on the East African integration course that the students were undertaking. He said that the course mainly focuses on deeper understanding of the dynamics of the East Africa region on various aspects including matters relating to the adherence by Partner States as well as Community Organs and Institutions, to the key EAC legal instruments.

Mr. Allan Mukuki, the Director of International Partnerships at the Strathmore University Law School commended the EACJ President and the Deputy Registrar, for hosting the students once again and sharing with them about the role of the Court, it’s Jurisdiction, growing jurisprudence as well as it’s challenges. This he said, gave the student the opportunity to receive first-hand information from the Court. He also thanked the Court for availing the students the opportunity to take a tour of the Court rooms, the Library and the Registry where they learnt about the process of filing cases.

In attendance was Hon. Justice Omar Othman Makungu, Judge of the EACJ Appellate Division and other staff of the Court.

About the EACJ

The East African Court of Justice (EACJ or ‘the Court’), is one of the Organs of the East African Community established under Article 9 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community. The Court was established in November 2001, its key mandate is to ensure the adherence to law in the interpretation and application of and compliance with the EAC Treaty. Arusha is the temporary seat of the Court until the Summit determines its permanent seat. The Court’s sub-registries are located in the capitals of the following Partner States: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and United Republic of Tanzania.

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