Frequently Asked Questions
  • What cases are filed to East African Court?
  • What is the enforcement mechanism of the decisions of the EACJ?
  • Is there time limitation for someone to file a case at the East African Court of Justice?
  • What is the filing fee at EACJ?
  • What are the steps a case goes through from the beginning upto the end?
  • How can someone access the Court in the Partner States without coming to Arusha?
  • How does one get a copy of a judgment or ruling?
  • What is the Arbitration cost at the EACJ?
  • Who are the Arbitrators at the EACJ?
  • Does the Court have express human right jurisdiction?
  • Are the decisions of the Court implemented by the Partner States?
  • Is there any influence of the Judges by their governments?
  • How are the Judges appointed?
  • How long does a Judge serve at EACJ?
  • Can Appeals from the National Courts be filed to EACJ?
  • Is the permanent seat of the Court in Arusha?
  • How often does the Court sit?
  • Does the Court allow the public to use phones
    and cameras during sessions?
  • Does the Court live stream its sessions?
  • Does the Court provide interpretation services
    to the litigants & the public during court?
  • Is the Court already using e-filing system?
  • Does Court translate documents for the litigants
    from other languages into English?
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