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Appellate Court upholds the decision of the Trial Court in Martha Karua’s electoral dispute

East African Court of Justice, 28th February 2022: Appellate Division as it concludes its session has dismissed Appeal No. 4...
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East African Court of Justice, 9th February 2022:  The Appellate Division resumes Sessions this week and heard Court hears Appeal No. 10 of...
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EACJ Judges pay courtesy call to the President of the UN-International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals.

The Judges of the Appellate Division led by President of the Court Justice Nestor Kayobera paid a courtesy call to the President of the UN-IRMCT Justice Carmel Agius to learn from the Mechanism and promote good working relations.

Justice Agius in his welcoming remarks said that through this visit, the cooperation between the two Institutions will continue to be strengthened. He affirmed that what will be initiated through the visit be implemented.

Justice Agius giving a brief overview on the functioning of the Mechanism, said that the Mechanism was established by the UN- Security Council to carry out the functions of the former International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) & International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY) following their closure in 2015 & 2017 respectively.

He further said that the Mechanism has 2 branches one at the Hague-Netherlands and this in Arusha-Tanzania. The 2 branches operate under the leadership of one President, Registrar and Prosecutor.

He said that there are few cases still pending, however, the Mechanism has alot of other things it deals with including the enforcement of sentences which involves alot of work.

Justice Agius added that the Mechanism also receives requests from the States to release those serving their sentences on some conditions and this has continued to increase its work.

He said that the Mechanism is also holding discussions on whether the Archive will be housed in Rwanda or by the UN because there is need to preserve the same when the Mechanism close.

He further said that the Mechanism has conclude a number of cases including the latest Butare case and another judgment will be delivered next month. He informed the Judges on the confirmed dead of Protais Mpiranya the last of the major fugitives indicated by the ICTR alleged to have been a senior leader of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda.

Judge Agius concluded saying that the Mechanism has good cooperation with the states and this has contributed to its successful performance of its judicial work.

He said that the Mechanism has 25 Judges and only the President serves on a full time basis, other 24 Judges work remotely.

On his part EACJ President Justice Nestor Kayobera informed his counterpart that the Mechanism deals with criminal cases that happened in Rwanda which is one of the EAC Partner States and that it is important to learn on how it functions.

His Lordship also said that EACJ does not have criminal Jurisdiction but in its jurisprudence, it has delt with matters on violation of the Treaty on fundamental principles of the Community including human rights and good governance.

Justice Kayobera further informed Justice Agius that the Court has handled 650 cases since its establishment however, it still faces a challenge of ad-hoc nature of the services of the Judges and lack of financial and administration autonomy which affects its work.

He also informed Justice Agius on the plans of the Court to conduct Court sessions in Partner States which will promote awareness of the Court in the region.

His Lordship appreciated the IRMCT President and pledged to continue working together on various areas of cooperation.

The EACJ Vice President Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire said that the Court and the Mechanism have one goal which is Justice regardless of different Jurisdictions and he acknowledged the great work the Mechanism is doing.

In attendance were Judges of the Appellate Division accompanied by the Deputy Registrar and some staff of the Court and senior officers in the office of the IRMCT President.
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Judges of the Court pay courtesy call to the President of @unirmct UN-International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (Arusha branch) to learn from the Mechanism and promote good working relations. Justice Agius said that the Mechanism will ensure strengthened cooperation